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The Office of Alumni Service and Resources Development started operation on August 1, 1995. It has three sections: (1) Graduate Placement Service Section (established on August 1, 1986 under the Office of the Secretariat and since August 1, 2000 has come under the Office of Student Affairs),(2) Alumni Liaison Section (established on August 1, 1993 under the Office of the Secretariat), and (3) Fund-Raising Section (established on August 1, 1995). The office currently has one director, one secretary, three section chiefs, and six staff members. Guided by the University's educational ideas, the overall policy of "globalization, information- and future-oriented education," the office offers services to graduates in career planning and placement, and in application for graduate studies at home and abroad. It also serves as a bridge between the university and the alumni, promoting fund contribution from alumni, business circles, and enthusiastic supporters of the University in her drive toward academic excellence.
  • Features of Alumni Liaison Activities: 
    To promote liaison among the alumni, the following associations have been organized:

    In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, a total of 23 alumni associations in cities and counties were established, another 29 alumni associations overseas, 4 alumni associations in Mainland China, and 57 alumni associations in all the departments and graduate programs. The Federation of World Tamkang University Alumni Association and Tamkang University Association of Alumni in Education were both founded on November 7. 1996. 

    In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the ROC Tamkang University Alumni Association Headquarters was founded on December 27, 1997. 

    In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Alumni Association of Business and Management was founded on November, 8, 1999. Tamkang University Accountant Alumni's Association was founded on July 8, 1999. Tamkang University Engineer Alumni's Association was founded on June 17, 2000. Tamkang University Information Alumni's Association was founded on June 17, 2000. In addition, 12 Business Alumni's Associations, and 20 other types of alumni associations were established.
  • Features of Fund-Raising Drive: 
    Tamkang University Fund-Raising Committee was founded on January 6, 1993. Alumni Liaison Section was founded under the Office of Secretariat on August 1, 1993, with the business of fund-raising as its chief duty. Fund-raising Committee Section was founded on August 1, 1995, and since then a larger scale of fund-raising drive was launched with the participation of faculty, alumni, and supporters in business circles. The donators are entitled to designate the purposes of the donated sums, such as purchase of equipments or holding seminars and conferences.